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"Access to 144 Incredibly Useful Internet Tools that are FREE!"

Amazingly, the internet is loaded with free software and tools to make your home business easier and affordable. But finding what is junk, what is quality, which tools have spyware, which software messes up your computer and which ones don't takes a long time and hassle.

Fortunately, I have contacts that are dedicated researchers and crazy info "junkies," and used their computers as the guinea pigs. They spent dozens and dozens of hours testing hundreds of download and web tools so you don't have to.

Now you can own this Amazing Free Tools Directory and take your business to the next level.

NOTE: All of these tools are Ad-Free!

Here is what you will find in this directory

FREE Marketing Tools

  • Free point-and-click toolbar creator that allows you to update the toolbar anytime from the web and all users see the changes
  • 12 free search engine optimization tools to optimize, analyze, promote and maintain your site to get top listing in search engine results
  • Free ad tracking with click tracking, cost and cost-per-click reporting -- great for determining what's popular on your site AND use in advertising
  • Free affiliate script upgraded with just the right touch. Recruit an army of marketers to promote your product!
  • Free autoresponder site with no ads AND is not banned by ISP's (like an un-named popular site).
  • Search nearly 30,000 forums by keyword. See if there's a "buzz" for your topic.
  • Submit your software to 100+ software directories free with one upload. Promote your demo, freeware or shareware -- but NOT ebook.
  • Learn where to submit your Yahoo! sitemap. Similar to Google's sitemap. But not as easy to find -- until now.
  • Find expired domains listed in Yahoo!, DMOZ and more. Buy it and grab more traffic plus get paid when visitors click on your AdSense ads. Even link to your main web site.
  • Discover the actual bid amounts your competition is paying for Yahoo! ads.
  • See your competition's rank and keywords they bid on at Google.
  • Find keywords as low as 5 per click. Yes, they're still available and this site shows you 1,000's of them!
  • Use a free Google sitemap generator that allows 750 URLs. (Most freebies only allow a couple dozen URLs before they charge you.)
  • Stuck on how to write a quality press release that gets accepted? Use this free Press Release Generator.
  • Use this secret vault to submit your site to HUNDREDS of directories and search engines (no FFA's or junk).
  • Increase your ranking with multiple free PR8 backlinks to your web site.
  • Discover the incredible Headline Analyzer. Learn if you need to improve your headline to grab people's attention.

FREE Web Site Tools

  • Free flash menu maker. Have your site look professional. Or even start a flash menu making business!
  • Free flash web site builders. Discover multiple point-and-click flash builders. Choose your favorite.
  • Use the top-notch CSS Menu Maker. Still a favorite among webmasters
  • Create a Niche Blog Empire. One install. Multiple blogs. Dozens of incredible plug-ins.
  • Automatic posting to your blog. Grabs feeds you choose and posts to your blog for fresh content automatically -- free!
  • Use this script to build an instant content site with RSS Feeds, Blogs, Articles and more
  • Find the best commercial-grade free support ticket system. Look like a Fortune 500 company!
  • Increase sales with this superior Live Support Chat system. It even notifies you if someone is visiting your site so you can initiate a live chat session and recommend products!
  • Start your own marketing forum -- or any topic because it includes unlimited topics. Create your own captive audience.
  • Put Live Chat on your site for your visitors. This is great if you have a dating site!
  • Discover the most complete eCommerce solution with both physical and download products. Works with Paypal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.net and more.
  • Display LIVE audio and video feeds without your visitor having to download plug-ins. (NOTE: this is LIVE audio or video. Not pre-recorded.)
  • Sell ads on your site just like the "big boys." Sell per click, per impression, per time period, whatever your choose. Display text ads, banner ads and multi-media ads. Customers have their own login to check statistics...free!
  • Finally experience the best mailing list script with multiple categories, open tracking, click tracking, advanced bounce management/removal, send in html or text, ISP friendly (picks up where left off - if stopped), includes attachments, pdf on fly, batch processing, personalization, templates and much more
  • Fix your flash and embedded codes free. Microsoft finally lost a lawsuit and was forced to change their browser bundle. Embedded media won't work with new upgrades. Change your site so it does work.
  • Still extremely effective. Use the drop-in ad window generator with different styles. Rapidly build your mailing list or use as a sales count down timer to increase sales.
  • Easily shorten your affiliate, tracking or long web address with one click
  • Believe it or not, there is still quality, free web hosting. We give you 3 sources.
  • Perhaps still the best free FTP software around. More and more FTP software are becoming commercial. Not these!
  • More amazing web site tools like: .htaccess generator, MOD re_write wizard and more.

FREE Authoring Tools

  • Free software creates PC Videos then stream it on your web site with no plug-ins (membership area?), OR save it as an executable file (.exe) for download or CD.
  • Already have a flash file and just want to sell it? Simply convert it to an .exe file with three clicks
  • Morph, warp and distort images and animations with many output formats - even flash. Have fun. Get crazy. Get noticed!
  • Quickly and easily create slick presentations or ebooks in flash with hyperlinks and no experience. Just type, click and drag. Save in flash or .exe format.
  • Own the best free What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor to create web pages and sites. Includes dozens and dozens of script snippets.
  • Use this high-end graphics creator and editor. Easier than Photoshop. Same or better quality -- and it's free! (No it's not Gimp. Far superior.)
  • New! 3D animation and modeling software is now free. Simply amazing.
  • Picture Microsoft Publisher with 500+ built-in templates, except it's free.
  • Something everyone's been seeking -- create PDF files with all attributes of HTML, MS Word and more. Keeps links active. It's an all-in-one software. If you can use MS Word, you can use this! Import your HTML files, export as PDF with links! Even keeps tables. Way too much to list here. Simply awesome AND the last freeware edition. (This directory was created using this free software.)
  • Every digital author needs this -- a free installer. Very simple to use. Can automatically create desktop shortcuts, menu insertion and even start program at start up and more.

FREE PC Security Tools

  • Consistently beats commercial anti-virus software as reported in PC Computing. And it's free.
  • Use this great firewall to keep out hackers and other intruders while you're online.
  • Never fear the mega-marketers again. Run this adware killer.
  • Don't give out your private information unwillingly. Use this spyware killer.
  • Often forgotten, but slows down your computer dramatically is unused registry entries. Find and delete them PLUS discover what software is secretly starting when you boot up your computer!
  • Ever accidentally delete a file? Now you can recover it without paying $100 per hour to data recovery specialists. Just use this software.

Wait, There's Still More

FREE Misc Resources

  • Discover the top 7 ezines to place your solo ads that get results with home business readers and webmasters.
  • These 12 pay-per-click search engines can boost your traffic and sales. Your results with a couple of the small sources may surprise you.
  • Find the top 7 places to get free legal advice
  • Read the 10-step tutorial for starting an online business
  • Visit the top 18 sites to find free lancers to create products, web sites, graphics and more. Even hire for data entry, ghostwriting, programming and much more. (What, you thought there were only three or four sites?)
  • Read extensive tutorials on HTML tags, programming, basics, scripts, frames and more from industry experts
  • Get all the free php/mySQL tutorials for all essentials to run your site
  • Want to learn Photoshop? Try free photoshop tutorials from professionals.
  • WOW! Get paid when someone leaves your site. NOT an exit pop up.
  • Check all POP email accounts at the email server level. Delete junk and only download what you want.
  • WARNING! Many copyrighters like to add the personal touch with a signature at the end of a sales letter. This is great. But with the new electronic signature laws, don't use your real signature. Use this Signature Creator.
  • and of course, 75 Public Domain Resources to create new products and content for your web site PLUS the "secret" Public Domain Search Engine.

You could spend countless hours researching and testing these tools and resources -- even destroying your computer if you came across "bad" software. OR, you can own this Amazing Free Tools Directory where the dirty work has been done for you!

Think about it. How much is your time worth to you? If it takes you 240 hours to research and test everything on this page and you make $20 per hour at your job or business, that's $4,800 is lost wages or profits. Or you can simply order now and save over $4,000.

Make your home business life easier and more profitable with free tools and resources.

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